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Dr.Ashish Shah


Fellow & Diplomate ICOI[USA][Implantology]

Dr.Ashish Shah graduated from Bombay University in 1990 [BDS]

Topped  the University  in Conseravtive Dentistry;  Went on to do his masters in Conservative Dentistry[MDS] [1993] which comprises of Cosmetic Dentistry,Endodontics[Root Canal Treatment] and Restorative Dentistry.

Worked under famous surgeons like Dr. Stute, Dr.Vicke and Dr.Klenke  in  Germany and enhanced his surgical skills.

In US worked under Dr. Shah and got a fresh outlook on Cosmetic Dentistry.

A regular participant of International Conferences and has keen interest in upgrading
His knowledge.

Currently a Diplomate of the International Congress Of Oral Implantology[USA]

Has completed Advance  Course of  Surgical Implantology  which deals with complex procedures of Bone Harvesting ,Grafting ,Sinus Lifts ,Ridge Spliting ,Block Grafts,Use Of Piezzo Surgery in Implantology.

Appeared on National Broadcast  being Interviewed on The Positive Health Show BY Dr.Batra and By Dr.Padam Singhvi in  Hello DD a hugely popular  health  show.

Continuously updating himself with latest technology has incorporated apex locators and magnification and lasers for Root Canal Treatments.

A new concept of BioEngineering whereby patients blood is withdrawn and processed and growth factors are separated along with other elements [PRGF/PRF] like in a haematological laboratory and used along with artificial graft material to regenerate patients own Bone .This is very useful in Implantology and Periodontics.

Dr.Ritu Shah


Graduated from Bombay University in 1993[BDS]

Worked in various Public and Private Hospitals and gained enormous amount of Clinical Experience.

Worked and managed  a Private Practice in Downtown Mumbai  for  5 years.

She along with Dr.Ashish Shah established a state of the art  Dental Practice in Down town Mumbai

With the aim of providing high standards of Oral Healthcare.

She keenly follows newer developments in the field of Dentistry and incorporates them in the Practice