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Immediate Implantation in Mumbai

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An old lady of 67 years comes with a fractured Central Incisor.After careful diagnosis, Immediate Implantation with Provisional Crown is done. A novel approach called Socket Shield Technique is used .in this a part of the root is left inside the bone so as to prevent bone loss on the […]

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Indirect Sinus Lift with Hydraulic Pressure

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Many patients are told that they cannot have Implants as there is not sufficient bone to place them.They are then advised to undergo conventional dental bridge to replace the tooth.This, in turn, leads to damaging healthy adjacent teeth.This patient was treated with Bone Augmentation done with a small key hole […]

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Treatment Of Worn Out Teeth-Smile Design

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A lady comes to us for pain in her molar tooth.She is also quite conscious of her Smile.She realises that her teeth are not seen when she smiles.This gives her an appearance of an elderly woman with missing teeth.She is informed about her worn out teeth.She undergoes a thorough analysis […]

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Sinus Lift Surgery and Immediate Implantation

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How many times have you been told that due to lack of bone you cannot have fixed teeth with implants in the posterior region in the upper jaw ? The other option was grinding adjacent teeth to fix a bridge.Here the patient reported with missing tooth namely the first molar.After careful evaluation with […]

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Immediate Implantation in Mandibular Molar

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Patient visits us with a fractured molar tooth.He gives a history of Root Canal treatment done.An Implant was done in fresh socket immediately after extraction of a failing Molar.Care was exercised in placing the Implant in available bone in Furcation region of the molar.A healing abutment was also put so […]

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Socket Shield Technique

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A lady fractures her front tooth and is keen to have her tooth replaced immediately.An innovative approach is taken to preserve the buccal shell of the remaining root of the tooth and an Immediate loading Implant is done.The patient walks out with a screw retained provisional crown.The results as seen […]

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation Using Implants

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A Patients with years of failing teeth visited us at She was treated with Full Mouth Fixed Teeth with the help of Dental Implants.A step by step protocol which involved Photographs, Dental Scans[CBCT], Wax Up.Facebow Transfer was done prior to the Implant Surgery.A careful diagnosis was made and the […]

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