We feel blessed to have some of the latest upgrades in our Clinical procedures

Root Canal Treatments:.

Almost 99% Root canals are done in a single visit with finer rotary instruments and laser along with Computerised Radiography.

Crowns and Bridges:

 Latest materials used are the newer metal free Zirconia Crowns done with CADCAM  and delivered with high                                                              precision  and strength.

Bio engineering:    

Your own blood is drawn and centrifuged with our own pathology setup .Growth factors [PRGF] and Fibrin Mesh                                               derived[PRF] from it and mixed with artificial bone substitutes .This helps in speedy and better quality bone formation.

Orthopaedic Implants: 

We use the latest Implants which are based on Orthopaedic principles [Like Knee Joint]whereby the crowns                                                   can be given Immediately on these Implants and the unnecessary wait of 3-6 month is avoided.

Smile Designing [Veneers] in just One Sitting:

We use latest highly advanced veneers with which we can create a brand new smile in just                                                                                                    one sitting.There is no Laboratory involvement.


 Flexible Dentures are one of the best  Partial Dentures.They are without the ugly metalic clasps and are almost inconspicuous and fit like a glove.They are unbrekable in true sense.


We use Laser in Root Canal Treatment,Gum Surgeries,Crown and Bridge ….almost in all aspect of Dentistry.The Laser is unique in the sense it cuts and seals at the same time.It creats a bloodless field and helps in perfect healing.