Google opens close to 4-5 million link pages when you type “Root Canal Treatment”or “Dental Implants” in your browser window.So we thought of avoiding the same for obvious reasons.For general knowledge on Topics related to information on Dentistry  we direct you to the  website of American Dental Association  where you will get an unbiased explanation of the same.

We believe in pursuing the most scientific treatment protocols to achieve  a predictable  outcome.The  results as seen are self explanatory.

We offer all the Dental Treatments  under one roof .

The Treatments offered are

1]Cleaning and Polishing Of Teeth

2]Bleaching/Whitening Of Teeth [45 Minutes]

3]Tooth Coloured Restorations

4]Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment [45 Minutes]


6]Crowns and Bridges

7]Computer Guided Implant Surgery

8]Gum treatments

9]Cosmetic Treatments[Smile Designing,Laminates,Closing Of Gaps…..]

10]Wisdom Tooth Surgeries

11]Orthodontic Treatment [Braces]

12]Dentistry for Children

13]Sedation Dentistry

14]Dental Implants

15]Advanced Bone and Soft Tissue Surgeries

16]Dentures etc.

For generalised details on each procedures please visit the website of American Dental Association