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Invisible Braces in south Mumbai

Posted by in Orthodontics

                      As can be seen an adult female of 47 years is treated with Lingual Braces i.e.Braces specially designed to fix inner side of your teeth.The results are fantastic .This type of Braces are ideal for adults who are quite […]

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Treatment Of Worn Out Teeth and Gummy Smile with Veneers

Posted by in Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients with gummy smile[Too much gums seen]  can be beutyfully treated with Cosmetic Dentistry.In this case gum levels were repostoned with lasers and veneers were done to give a pleasant looking smile.The guy has a great self esteem as it helped him not only in his career but also find […]

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Sinus Lift Surgery and Immediate Implantation

Posted by in Dental Implants

There was only 3 mm Bone available vertically to place an Implant.The adjacent tooth was having poor prognosis due to previously done poor Root Canal with Silver points.Thus it was decided to do a lateral window DIRECT SINUS LIFT.Membrane perforations were sealed with membrane and PRGF.PRF along with Bone graft[Alloplast].

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Socket Shield Technique

Posted by in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants

A lady fractures her front tooth and is keen to have her tooth replaced immediately.An innovative approach is taken to preserve the buccal shell of the remaining root of the tooth and an Immediate loading Implant is done.The patient walks out with a screw retained provisional crown.The results as seen […]

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Smile Designing

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A patient comes and confirms she is embarrased about her smile .We replaced her old crowns,corrected Gum Level and her smile line. Just look at the difference! She was extremely happy with the result and had tears in her eyes. .Its very humbling to know that Dentistry has been helpful to change […]

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